Covid-19 Precautions & Policies

As the current situation continues to develop, we will continue to edit and change our precautions & policies as necessary. Our main priority is the safety of our students, staff and all of our loved ones. We will strive to do everything we can to make our facility the safest possible while still continuing to provide quality dance education. If you have suggestions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Main office. I cannot thank you enough for your continued support. 

With love,

      Miss Anita

What has already been done?

  • Wood floors have been sanded and resealed.

  • Rugs have been professionally sanitized.

  • Air vents have been swept clean.

  • HEPA air filters put into the AC/Heating units that will purify the air circulating through the buildings.

  • Non touch hand sanitizer dispensers placed accordingly so the students can use them before entering the rooms.

  • UV light wands will be used to disinfect the ballet barres and the stereo units in between classes.

  • Floors will be cleaned in between classes when necessary.

  • Disinfecting wipes available in each room. 

  • Hand sanitizer available in each room.

  • Steam mops will be used at the end of each night to clean the wood floors.

Procedure for entering the building:

  • Start & end times for classes will be slightly staggered to reduce traffic in between classes. Once the class schedule has been determined and we have an idea of what traffic flow will look like, you will receive more information.

  • Dancers will be greeted by teachers, assistant teachers or other staff at the front door of the building.

  • Student's temperature will be taken at the door. Any student with a temperature of 99.9 or above will not be allowed to enter. There will be a Zoom option available for anyone who does not feel comfortable entering the building, or for anyone displaying symptoms.

  • Parents will not be permitted in the studio at all.

  • Dancers must wear a mask while entering and exiting the studio.

  • Dancers will be asked to use hand sanitizer before entering (will be readily available).

Lobby/Main Office Usage:

  • Our goal is to utilize the lobby and the office spaces as minimally as possible.

  • Only students who are on a break will be allowed in the lobby.

  • Everyone must wear a mask when in the lobby.

  • If you have a pertinent issue that requires you stop into the Main Office, please try to do so during a time that does not conflict with the changing of classes. Remember, we are always available via email or phone to help with all matters.

Inside the studio:

  • There will be designated spots in the studio for each dancer's belongings.

  • Dancers are asked to limit the number of belongings they are bringing with them and to use the smallest, most contained bag possible.

  • Dancers are required to wear dance shoes at all times. The entire foot must be covered.

  • For specific classes, we will be asking students to purchase and bring with them a personal yoga mat for stretching.  Mats must be able to be wiped down with a disinfecting wipe after use.

  • We will be social distancing in class as much as possible at all times.

  • Teachers will be wearing face coverings. 

  • Dancers are not required to wear masks but are certainly allowed to should they feel more comfortable with the mask on.

Combination Class (ages 2-6) Specifics:

  • Whenever possible, combo classes will be run Room F- this room provides a separate entrance/exit for our youngest students to use. Room A will be used for morning classes and for Mommy & Me classes due to room size needs. 

  • Please only have one adult drop the dancer off.

  • Adults must wear masks during drop off.

  • Rubber floor dots will be utilized in class to help our youngest dancers social distance. 

  • For Mommy & Me classes, adult companion must be wearing a mask.

Additional Details:

  • There will be a Zoom option available for all classes. If your child is exhibiting symptoms or feeling just slightly under the weather, we encourage you to take advantage of the Zoom option.

  •  If your child is either exposed to Covid-19 or diagnosed with Covid-19, please send an email to the studio ( immediately. It is important we notify affected students/teachers in a timely manner.

  • It is critical that we have updated information regarding a contact number or emergency contacts should an emergency arise.

  • All classes will be kept to strict maximums. Registration will be first come, first serve.