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Welcome to Anita's Studio of Dance! 

Anita's Studio of Dance has been a leader in dance education in our community since Miss Anita got started in 1974. Miss Alyssa and Miss Anesha are thrilled to continue her legacy as Studio Owners and Directors since September of 2020. 

We follow the school calendar year and run on a 10-month tuition schedule. Tuition is billed on the 25th of the month prior and due the first of each month. A 5% discount is offered to those who pay cash.

Our year-end Recital typically takes place in the middle of June. Students are not required to participate but are strongly encouraged to show off what they've learned all year in class! If you will not be participating in Recital, the front office must be notified in writing by November 1st. Once the costume is ordered there are no refunds and you will be responsible for the costume balance in entirety. 


Recital ticket sales typically take place 2 weeks before the show. Tuition for the year must be paid in full in order to participate in ticket sales. 

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